Customer News

16/02/2018 Mazda Raises Production Capacity with New Engine Machining Factory in ESIE
12/02/2018 ANCA Manufacturing Finalizes Rayong Factory Purchase Deal with WHA Group
05/02/2018 TADA Plastics Finalizes Land Purchase Deal in EEC
01/02/2018 Jinpao Precision Industry Signs Land Deal with Hemaraj For New Plant to Serve the Aerospace Industry
09/01/2018 Inauguration of New SAIC Motor-CP MG Production Plant at Hemaraj ESIE 2
14/12/2017 Continental Lays Foundation Stone of the New Greenfield Tyre Plant at HESIE 4
14/12/2017 Nikkaki (Thailand) Inks Lease Contract for New Factory at ESIE
06/10/2017 Grand Opening of Unique Thai Precision Machinery Factory Extension in Hemaraj CIE 2
25/09/2017 Tayih Lun An Holds Foundation Piling Ceremony at its 2nd Site at Hemaraj CIE
25/09/2017 Brink Towing Systems Finalizes Ready-Built Factory Lease in ESIE
31/08/2017 SGF (Thailand) Breaks Ground at Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 2
21/07/2017 ZF Lemford (Thailand) Celebrates 15th Anniversary
20/07/2017 ISUZU Holds Grand Opening Ceremony at ESIE
03/07/2017 Grand Opening Ceremony for Gentos (Thailand) Factory in Hemaraj CIE 2
29/06/2017 MAX Holds Pilot Piling Ceremony for Expansion in HESIE Chonburi
26/06/2017 Stone Laying Ceremony for TOTO (Thailand) at Hemaraj SIL
21/04/2017 Kusumoto Chemicals (Thailand) Opens New Plant at Hemaraj ESIE
04/04/2017 Jungheinrich Signs Leasing Deal for Factory at Hemaraj CIE
03/04/2017 Continental Holds Pilot Piling Ceremony in Hemaraj ESIE 4
27/03/2017 SGF (Thailand) Closes Land Deal To Build State-of-the-Art Facilities in HESIE 2
27/03/2017 Tidy Metal Plant Grand Opening Ceremony at ESIE in Rayong
02/02/2017 Umicore Opens New Manufacturing Plant in Rayong
04/01/2017 Quechen Chooses Hemaraj EIE for New Factory Site
15/11/2016 Official Launch of Air International Thermal Systems’ RTOC Localization in Thailand
20/10/2016 Kimsong Artiwood Closes Hemaraj CIE Land Deal
26/08/2016 ETK EMS Grand Opening at Hemaraj’s Industrial Estate
27/06/2016 ZEON Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
22/06/2016 Omada International’s Aerospace Manufacturing Facility Handed Over by WHA
15/06/2016 Bendix Holds Grand Opening of its Rayong Factory Phase 2 in Hemaraj’s Industrial Estate
02/06/2016 JJ-Muntons (Thailand) Grand Opening at Hemaraj CIE

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