Events & CSR

12/02/2018 WHA Group Supports New Audio Amplifiers for Nong Yai Police Station
12/02/2018 WHA Group Supports Reading Appreciation Project at Baan Ta Jarm School
12/02/2018 WHA Group Donates New Workout Equipment and Fitness Machines to Pluak Daeng Hospital
12/02/2018 WHA Group Supports Campus Improvement at Wat Chalermlarp School
22/11/2017 WHA Group Nurtures Young Minds Through Community Art Programs
12/10/2017 WHA Group Sponsors Anti-Drug Football Match
12/10/2017 WHA Group Supports Forest and Wildlife Conservation
12/10/2017 WHA Group Plants Trees to Celebrate Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's 85th Anniversary
12/10/2017 WHA Group Teams Up with Thansettakij To Distribute Educational Materials
10/10/2017 WHA Group Spearheads CEO Meeting on Industrial Robotics With Top Industry Ministry, BOI and EEC Officials
04/10/2017 WHA Group Supports First-Aid Kits to Paewyaengtai Buddhist Association
04/10/2017 WHA Group Provides First-Aid Kits to Sillatham Samakhom Rescue Foundation
04/10/2017 WHA Group Donates Emergency Equipment Set to Nong Sua Chang Rescue Foundation
27/09/2017 WHA Group Gives Back by Supporting Education : New Canteen Tables for Baan Pansadejnok School
27/09/2017 WHA Group Backs Responsible Garbage Recycling to Save the Environment
27/09/2017 WHA Group Helps Khaokansong Child Development Center
11/08/2017 Clean Water for Planet Project at Khlong Bang Kasi School in Samut Prakan
11/08/2017 WHA Group Offers Donation to Flood Victims in the North and Northeast
03/08/2017 WHA Group Lends Support to Buffalo Racing Festival
03/08/2017 WHA Group Donates THB 500,000 to Pluak Daeng Subdistrict Administrative Organization
03/08/2017 WHA Group Promotes Early Childhood Education
03/08/2017 Fence Construction for Ban Rawoeng School
03/08/2017 WHA Group Sponsors "Sweet Pineapple Day" in Rayong
03/08/2017 WHA Group Helps in the Renovation of Teachers' Houses
03/08/2017 WHA Group Co-Hosts BCCT for supporting the Eastern Economic Corridor
18/07/2017 WHA Group Supports Science Program to Students
27/06/2017 WHA Group's Education Support Program
13/06/2017 WHA Group Sponsors Celebration of Phra Bhuddha Sihing, Songkran Festival and Matcha Kachad
13/06/2017 WHA Group Sponsors Songkran Ceremony at Khlong Kiew Sub-district Administrative Organization
13/06/2017 WHA Group Renews Commitment to Road Safety and Accident Prevention

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