03/04/2014 Customer Showcase: DSI YEA Laser Service Center
02/04/2014 Customer Showcase: Tadano (Thailand) Co., Ltd.- Manufacturer of Automobile-mounted Cranes
02/04/2014 Customer Showcase: Yokoyama Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.- Press and Welding of Seat Frame for Automobiles
02/04/2014 Update from BOI - OIE: A Summary for Economic Growth
25/09/2013 Hemaraj –25Years, We Promise a Sustainable Growth among all Stakeholders
30/04/2013 CEO Talk - A Matter of Fine-tuning
26/04/2013 Renegotiating Employment Conditions in Thailand
23/04/2013 Hemaraj –25Years of Responsibility towards Neighboring Schools.
16/10/2012 Hemaraj Organizes 2012 Community Relations Program
30/04/2012 CEO Talk - April 2012
30/04/2010 Special Report: Industrial Property – Restoring Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing by Mr. David Nardone, Presiden and CEO of Hemaraj Land And Development Plc.
26/11/2009 The free flow of capital and investment by Mr. David Nardone President & CEO
16/03/2009 Hemaraj CEO Spoke to Bangkok Post: The Case for the Carmakers
By: Chiratas Nivatpumin
10/03/2009 Article by the Boston Consulting Group -- Don’t Write Off Low-Cost Country Sourcing: The Downturn Offers Hidden Opportunities
25/09/2008 Understanding the New Work Permit Law
17/09/2008 At Hemaraj, CSR Brings Peace of Mind
17/09/2008 Pioneers Look Back at Hemaraj’s First 20 Years
01/06/2008 Hemaraj 20th Anniversary: Tale of the Phoenix
13/03/2008 Key Changes in New Labour Protection Act 2008
16/11/2007 Thailand- Australia FTA Continues to Generate Practical Outcomes
16/11/2007 Transfer pricing and BOI Tax Holidays: Is It Really an Issue?
16/11/2007 Hemaraj and Realization of Green Industrial Estates
16/11/2007 ESIE Summer Internship
16/11/2007 Building safety codes, Third-party safety audit fully executed on December 30, 2007
05/11/2007 Is Thailand Still An Attractive Location for Manufacturing?
18/12/2005 The Eastern Seaboard Provides A Driving Force For The Industrial Competitiveness of Thailand
01/08/2003 Auto Clustering A Long Time Thailand Tradition by David R. Nardone President & CEO
01/05/2002 Automotive Industry "Detroit of the East" By David R. Nardone President & CEO