WHA Industrial Zone 1 - Nghe An , Vietnam

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Dong Nam Economic Zone
Automotive, Technology, Software, Plastics, Light Metals, Textiles/Garments, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Electrical Appliances, Logistics & Others

Over the past 29 years, WHA plays an instrumental role in pioneering the concept of industrial clustering, such as automotive, petrochemicals, electronics, consumer products and other export sectors. Today, WHA Industrial Development grow its portfolio of customers and penetrate new markets in neighboring countries, starting with Vietnam through specially-themed industrial estates.

With a total area of 3,200 ha upon completion, WHA Industrial Zone 1– Nghe An will be the largest well-developed industrial zones in North Central Vietnam, connecting the new manufacturing and distribution base to serve domestic and international markets.


Located within Dong Nam Economic Zone with special privileges, WHA Industrial Zone 1 - Nghe An Phase 1 offers 498 ha. of international-standard infrastructure for industrial investors and also accommodates residential and commercial projects. WHA Industrial Zone 1- Nghe An offers General Industrial Zone and Township and will be ready from early 2018.

WHA Hemaraj Industial Zone - Nghe An Customer Care Service
WHA Industrial Zone 1- Nghe An  provides investment support to investors starting from day one by coordinating with local authorities. WHA Industrial Zone 1- Nghe An Customer Care Service also acts as the pool of relevant and practical information, which investors may require during their operations in WHA Industrial Zone 1- Nghe An.
Investor support
- One Stop Service at Dong Nam Economic Zone Authority
Investment Incentives
Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
- Special tax rate: 10% for 15 years
- CIT exemption for the first 4 years
- 50% tax reduction in the subsequent 9 years
Personal Income Tax (PIT)
- 50% tax reduction for Vietnamese and foreigners
Import Tax
- Exemption for machines and equipment to create fixed assets
- Exemption for materials & components that cannot be produced domestically for 5 years
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WHA Industrial Zones 1 - Nghe An Province, Vietnam
Point to Point Driving*
To Vinh City 16 Km. 18 Km.
To Nghe An Airport 11 Km. 15 Km.
To Vinh Railway Station 14 Km. 17 Km.
To Vissai Deep Seaport** 7 Km. 11 Km.
To Cua Lo Deep Seaport** 8 Km. 11 Km.
To Pattaya DCK Deep Seaport*** 7 Km. 17 Km.
To Cua Lo Seaport** 6 Km. 15 Km.
To Cua Lo Beach 8.5 Km. 14 Km.
To Hanoi 246 Km. 286 Km.
To Da Nang 409 Km. 487 Km.
To Ho Chi Minh City 892 Km. 1,198 Km.
To Dong Hoi Seaport 53 Km. 70 Km.
To Thanh Thuy Border Gate to Laos 53 Km. 70 Km.

*Using google map. Distance varies to route selection.
** Using exiting road (DT536) on google map
***Using exiting road (Le Quy Don) on google map