WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate: (WHA CIE) and
WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate: WHA CIE 2*

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Export Cluster, Electronics, Steel, Auto Parts, Power, Others

WHA CIE and WHA CIE 2, with the area combined of 4,541 rai (1,817 acres or 726 hectares), are located in Bowin and Chaopraya Surasak Sub-district, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, 110 kilometers from Bangkok. WHA CIE is accessible from both Highway 331 and the new Highway 331 and WHA CIE 2 is accessible from both New Highway 331 and Highway 3241. Both industrial estates are logistically convenient to the Laem Chabang deep sea container port and Sri Racha city, both of which are only 25 kilometers away.

At WHA CIE, more than 101 customers, 141 factories have invested in excess of US$2.5 billion and at WHA CIE 2 has 8 customers (9 contracts) in the manufacture of steel, electronics, power, auto parts, logistics and export-oriented industries.

Glow IPP, a 713 MW power plant at WHA CIE, which was jointly developed by WHAUP and the Suez Energy subsidiary Glow Energy, supplies the EGAT electricity grid. There is also an 800 MVA high-voltage electricity substation, and a comprehensive industrial infrastructure.

Ready Built Factories
WHA has developed Ready Built Factories for sale of 1,000 to 3,000 square meters at WHA CIE.
Click here to view available buildings, http://www.wha-industrialestate.com/en/our-locations/factory

IEAT Free Zone
The IEAT Free Zone, previously an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) totaling 460 rai (184 acres), in WHA CIE is an area designated for industrial or commercial operations whereby tax and duty privileges are granted to companies manufacturing for export. The area is under the supervision of both the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand and Thailand’s Customs Department.

WHAChonburi Industrial Estate
Point to Point Driving**
To Bangkok (Central) 110 Km. 146 Km.
To Suvarnabhumi Airport 83 Km. 118 Km.
To Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port 25 Km. 37 Km.
To Map Ta Phut Deep Sea Port 55 Km. 52 Km.
To Pattaya 22 Km. 37 Km.
To Si Racha 22 Km. 40 km.
WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate 2
Point to Point Driving**
To Bangkok (Central) 112 Km. 148 Km.
To Suvarnabhumi Airport 85 Km. 120 Km.
To Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port 27 Km. 39 Km.
To Map Ta Phut Deep Sea Port 57 Km. 57 Km.
To Pattaya 22 Km. 54 Km.
To Si Racha 24 Km. 39 km.
To Rayong Town 24 Km. 43 km.


* WHA Chonburi Industrial Esate 2 will be available un Q3 of 2014.
**Using google map. Distance varies to route selection.

We have moved to our new website, please follow us here; www.wha-industrialestate.com