Hemaraj Automotive Project

Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate : Hemaraj ESIE and
Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate : ESIE

BOI ZONE: Free Zone

Automotive Cluster, Plastics & Polymers, Metal Fabrication, Electronics, Building Materials, Agro & Consume, Building Materials, Logistics & Others

Hemaraj ESIE and ESIE are located in Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, and comprise an area of 17,838 rai (7,135 acres or 2,854 hectares) with access from Highways 3138 and 331, respectively. The two industrial estates are approximately 30 kilometers from the Laem Chabang deep-sea container port and Sri Racha city.

ESIE was established in 1994, while Hemaraj ESIE started operations in 2006. There are more than 652 contracts at the two industrial estates, representing 401 new customers, who have invested in excess of US$14.5 billion. There are over 190 automotive OEM, parts and components manufacturers in Hemaraj’s automotive cluster, with 25 from the Toyota Group alone. Fifteen of the world’s top 25 auto suppliers have production facilities in this cluster.

Automotive manufacturers at ESIE include General Motors and Auto Alliance Thailand (a joint venture between Ford and Mazda). They produce one-ton pickups and sedans both for the local market and for export to over 130 markets. The presence of these world-scale auto manufacturers has attracted first, second and third tier parts manufacturers to Hemaraj’s automotive cluster to optimize logistics and supply chain management.
Automotive Suppliers in Hemaraj Industrial Estates
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Suzuki has set up its Eco-Car production base at Hemaraj ESIE, which is seamlessly connected to ESIE. More recently, Ford Motor Company Thailand selected Hemaraj for the manufacturing of “B” size passenger cars. Similarly, when Thai Summit Group, one of the largest auto parts manufacturers in Southeast Asia, needed to expand production they selected Hemaraj ESIE.

The high-quality infrastructure at Hemaraj ESIE and ESIE includes wide roads in good condition, a stable power supply, availability of a range of communications networks, treated potable water, wastewater treatment facilities that meet environmental standards, and solid soil bearing capacity that averages 30 tons per square meter. In addition, Hemaraj provides comprehensive industrial estate operations management as well as extensive commercial, one-stop service, training and other facilities.
Hemaraj Industrial Estates

Free Zone
Totaling 1,093 rai (434 acres), the Free Zones at Hemaraj ESIE and ESIE provide companies that manufacture primarily for export with additional tax and duty privileges, similar to a customs bonded area. The area is under the supervision of the Customs Department of Thailand.|

Ready Built Factories
At Hemaraj ESIE and ESIE, Hemaraj has designed and developed 216 Ready Built Factories, totaling 465,449 square meters, for rent. These Ready Built Factories range in size from 500 to 9,900 square meters and can be larger, depending on customer requirements. A Hemaraj company is available to manage the utility and fit-out requirements. Click here to view available buildings, http://www.hemaraj.com/page/factories_2_available.asp

Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong)
Point to Point Driving*
To Bangkok (Central) 117 Km. 150 Km.
To Suvarnabhumi Airport 86 Km. 122 Km.
To Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port 30 Km. 45 Km.
To Map Ta Phut Deep Sea Port 51 Km. 49 Km.
To Pattaya 25 Km. 45 Km.
To Si Racha 28 Km. 50 km.

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Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate

Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate
Point to Point Driving*
To Bangkok (Central) 112 Km. 145 Km.
To Suvarnabhumi Airport 83 Km. 117 Km.
To Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port 27 Km. 37 Km.
To Map Ta Phut Deep Sea Port 50 Km. 54 Km.
To Pattaya 36 Km. 52 Km.
To Si Racha 32 Km. 43 km.

*Using google map. Distance varies to route selection.