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WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 4: WHA ESIE 4

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ANext-Generation Automotive, Aerospace, Robotics, Power, Specialty Steel, & Others

WHA ESIE 4 is WHA's 9th industrial estate located in Rayong Province. The estate covers the area of 1,870 Rai (748 acres or 299 hectares).  WHA ESIE 4's strategic location is accessible from Highway 3578, only 20 Km. from WHA & ESIE. 

The high-quality infrastructure at WHA ESIE 4 includes wide roads in good condition, a stable power supply, availability of a range of communications networks, treated potable water and wastewater treatment facilities that meet environmental standards.
WHA ESIE 4 is now ready to welcome investors to visit our site. Please contact marketing@wha-group.com or call 662 719 9555 to arrange a visit.

WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 4
Point to Point Driving*
To Bangkok (Central) 122 Km. 161 Km.
To Suvarnabhumi Airport 102 Km. 129 Km.
To Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port 40 Km. 60 Km.
To Map Ta Phut Deep Sea Port 24 Km. 25 Km.
To Pattaya 38 Km. 53Km.
To Si Racha 44 Km. 71 km.

*Using google map. Distance varies to route selection.