WHA Logistic warehouse
WHA Logistics Project to Rent warehouse space Thailand

WHA Logistics Parks: Logistic Warehouses Space For Rent In Thailand

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If you need….

  • International standard logistics warehouses in Thailand
Rent warehouse with space of 1,545-50,000 sq.m.
• Just 20 km from Laem Chabang Port
• Both truck and container loading with handling flexibility
• 5 ton loading
• Excellent floor: flat, level, high absorption resistant
• Ready to serve companies in Eastern Seaboard Area
                                   The answer is WHA Logistics Parks.

With the growing demand for logistic services and storage which has become more specific and sophisticated, WHA sees a great potential in the development of WHA Logistics Park 1 , covering land area of 280 rais on new Highway 331. Only 20 kilometers from Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port, WHA Logistics Park 1 is in strategically located half way between the Port and Hemaraj’s industrial estates. Both Genaral Zone and Free Zone are available.

Following WHA Logistics Park 1, WHA Logistics Park 2 (Free Zone) is ready for rent. The second logistics park is located in Free Zone of WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 1 on Highway 3138, aiming to service auto cluster and other customers in both industrial estates.
WHA Logistics Park 3 is located in WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 1, right on Highway 3138 adjacent to HLP 2, which is only 27 km from Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port. The General Zone of 81,000 sq.m. of WHA logistics warehouses are for Rent only.
The latest addition, WHA Logistics Park 4 is at Eastern Seaboard, Rayong is adjacent to Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) and warehouses are ready for rent.
The warehouses space for rent will serve third party logistics providers as well as end user customers who are in the automotive, electronics, consumer, building material, and other segments.
For more information, please call 662-719-9555 or e-mail: marketing@wha-group.com/a> to arrange a site visit to one of our industrial estates in advance.