WHA Logistics Park 1: Infrastructure & Utilities

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Water Supply & Treatment
  Water Supply :
  Treatment Capacity of 500 cu.m. per day (Full Phase)
Average supply of 2 cu.m. per rai per day on average.
Waste Water Treatment
  Package Activated Sludge capacity 400 cu.m. per day.(Full Phase)
Communication Access:
  Telephone lines, ISDN local Service, International ISDN, data communication leased line and ISP shall available from CAT (CAT Telecom Public Company Limited) or TRUE (True Corporation Public Company Limited)
Mobile Phone
  Digital 1800 MHz, GSM and CDMA
Road System:
  Main Road
40 meters width, 2 lanes, Reinforced Concrete. Equipped with street light.
Primary Road
22 meters width, 2 lanes, Reinforced Concrete.
Flood Control System:
  Reinforced concrete drainage pipe with manhole.
  Guard house with CCTV.

Hemaral Logistics Parks Infrastructure