Safeguarding the Environment

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From day one, it has been WHA’s policy and focus to ensure that industrial estates, communities and nature co-exist in a harmonious and sustainable manner. This starts with understanding the environmental effects of different industries. Then, by setting core clusters for each industrial estate, this allows WHA to lay out and to manage the matching infrastructure and utilities smoothly. Our intention is to keep our infrastructure, water treatment and wastewater systems well maintained to ensure minimum environmental impact.

Once plants are operating, through the cooperation of our customers, IEAT and WHA monitor the environmental parameters of all factories to safeguard the green process.

Waste Management
WHA has chosen modern sanitary landfill, a more environment-friendly method for waste management. Waste Management Siam, a world-class professional in the field is located at WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate 1 to provide services to our customers and factories on the Eastern Seaboard.

Wastewater Management and Constructed Wetland
Wastewater treatment is another area in which WHA is a recognized leader. Both aerated lagoon and wetland systems are available to service customers.

An aerated lagoon system uses limited motors to deliver oxygen from the air into the wastewater, while our wetland systems involve the use of plants and bacteria to treat wastewater.

Based on King Rama IX‘s wetland project, WHA has adapted the know-how to suit our requirements. The company takes pride in having adopted the wetland system, as it is environment-friendly and reduces energy consumption. The treated wastewater is clean enough to be recycled by factories for gardening purposes.

Environmental Watch System
Established in 2009, the Environmental Monitoring & Control Center at ESIE (E:MC2) is Thailand’s first environmental real-time monitoring unit in a private sector industrial estate. The center aims for real-time processing of environmental reports, with highly reliable and accountable methodology and a transparent policy. This involves real-time measurement of water quality, reports on air emission and noise, a more efficient tracking system for authorities supervising factories, and multiple channels for environmental complaints and feedback.

Eco Industrial Estate
Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate was chosen as one of the five ECO IE Pilot estates with best practice for water resource management in 2003.

In 2010, WHA was honored to have Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) selected by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to serve as the pioneer private industrial estate for demonstrating superior environmental management practices. Implementation is now under way.

With a continuous commitment to stakeholders and environmental care, WHA‘s industrial estates have received the Best Environmental Management EIA Award from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, ISO 14001 and  9001:2000 certified and is awarded as “Excellent” in corporate governance recognition level in Corporate Governance Report of Thai listed Companies in 2009 (CGR) from Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) in 2009. 




ISO 14001


ISO 9001: 2008


CNBC Asia Pacific Property Awards 2008

2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012

“Excellent” Award  in Corporate Governance Recognition of Thai listed Companies


CSR-DIW Awards by Department of Industrial Works

2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013

AMCHAM CSR 2010 Excellence Recognition


EIA Monitoring Awards


AustCham  Best Services Company  Awards

Drug-Free Industrial Estates Certificate
  EIA Monitoring Awards


CSRI Recognition Award, SET